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The Rocket House  WOODEND

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This is the second house designed by Simon Thornton for Bruce and Alison Dudon.


At retirement age they have moved from The Lighthouse on the steep southern slope of Mt.Macedon to the gently rolling landscape of Woodend, and their primary objectives are to live in a comfortable and environmentally sustainable house without stairs. The desire of the architect to design an example of Science Fiction Architecture was not expected, but was nonetheless cautiously welcomed.


The Rocket House has its conceptual basis in the fictional narrative premise that a rocket has crashed into a hill near Woodend, north-west of Melbourne, and subsequently been converted into a house. While the form of a rocket is represented literally, it is open to multiple interpretations. Clearly something has happened, but what? Is it a space ship returning from deep space? Is it an intercontinental ballistic missile which has failed to explode? Or is this a rocket used by aliens to invade our planet? A long hatch appears to have opened on the south side, and a small one on the north, perhaps indicating a last minute evacuation procedure.

View a video/discussion of the house on 7Plus: 'Australia's Amazing Homes' Season 1 Episode 1 starting at 16:48. 

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